Personal injury attorney

For the greater part of us, experiencing an issue that requires wandering into the general set of laws or winding up reluctantly entangled in a claim can be a distressing and sudden experience. Regardless of whether you have some information on the general set of laws, holding a proficient lawyer can mean the distinction between a long difficulty and a speedy and acceptable goal of your case. At Martin Law Firm, our Fort Myers and Cape Coral personal injury lawyers have helped casualties all through Southwest Florida with declaring their privileges. We additionally can deal with a wide assortment of chapter 11, family law, and domain arranging and probate matters. Notwithstanding the circumstance that you are confronting, you can have confidence that our group will move toward you and your case with the mindful and ardent lawful insight that you merit. Our firm keeps up with workplaces in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, and Miami.

Personal Injury

Some of the most widely recognized manners by which damage might happen to a casualty incorporate auto collisions, bike crashes, and bike mishaps. In case you are harmed in one of these kinds of impacts, you can bring a carelessness guarantee against the person who caused your wounds. By and large, you should show that they neglected to act with customary and sensible consideration at the hour of the mishap and that this disappointment was the immediate reason for the wounds that you endured. A commonplace method to show that the respondent neglected to use due care is by demonstrating that they abused a rule or law at the time that the accident happened, which should regularly be possible by acquiring a duplicate of any police reports ready because of the mishap. A prepared individual physical issue lawyer in Cape Coral or Fort Myers can assist you with surveying your circumstance and decide if you might have a case for harms against the individual or element that hurt you.


Whether you have a significant measure of individual obligation or are encountering money related tensions at your business, a bankruptcy proceeding might be the most astute and fastest approach to assume back liability for your monetary circumstance. Section 7 is regularly most appropriate for individuals who have a lot of obligation, while a Chapter 11 procedure is normally used to help a business keep working while its obligation is redesigned and a reimbursement plan is created. There are unmistakable systems and necessities that you should follow while starting a chapter 11 procedure, including explicit structures that you should round out. As a general rule, you will be gotten some information about your accounts, pay, authoritative commitments, contracts, and extraordinary uncollateralized debts. A learned liquidation lawyer can furnish generous assistance with exploring this cycle and with guaranteeing that you ensure your resources however much as could reasonably be expected during a bankruptcy.

Family Law

At the Martin Law Firm, we have helped Southwest Florida inhabitants with family law matters identified with separate from procedures, divorce settlement installments, and youngster guardianship plans. Regardless of whether you concur with your companion or ex-life partner on a considerable lot of these issues, it is a smart thought to talk with a lawyer to guarantee that you comprehend the full extent of your privileges and that you secure your inclinations at each progression of the procedures. It isn't strange for the life partners to at first concur about an arrangement yet ultimately arrive at a state of conflict during the legitimate cycle that transforms the matter into a warmed debate. Including a lawyer toward the start guarantees that you will be prepared for any turn of events.

Estate Planning

Many individuals accept that bequest arranging is fundamental just in case you are affluent. In all actuality, it is significant for anybody, and astonishing intricacies can emerge. There are various issues that an individual or wedded couple should think about while figuring out what will befall their resources upon their passing. The absolute most significant issues to consider incorporate expense suggestions and guaranteeing that you have adequate pay to help you all through your lifetime. At the Martin Law Firm, our lawyers are a hitched couple who comprehend the subtleties of drafting a home arrangement and who can walk you through the cycle bit by bit to guarantee that you have tended to each thought and that you are happy with the end result. You ought not put off this significant matter. Contact our steady domain arranging attorneys today.


Losing a friend or family member is maybe the most ridiculously agonizing and life changing experience that we might look in our lives, whether or not the misfortune was sudden or not. While you are managing misery and keeping an eye on your cherished one’s assets, the last thing that you should have to address is guaranteeing that you are controlling the domain fittingly. There are explicit guidelines with respect to how an expired person’s undertakings should be taken care of following their passing, especially when the singular passed on a will or trust to discard their resources. At the Martin Law Firm, we invest wholeheartedly in giving dependable and customized legitimate administrations to normal people during seasons of pressure. We will probably guarantee that the progress happens as flawlessly as could be expected and that your family and you are not hindered with lawful issues and absurd postponements during this time. Contact our accomplished probate legal advisors to look further into how we can help you and your family during your season of need.

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At the Martin Law Firm, we treat every customer with the regard and pride that they merit, paying little mind to the lawful issue that they are confronting. Our group of lawyers has insight across a wide assortment of cases and is prepared to address multi-layered circumstances in which a wide range of concerns emerge at the same time. The initial step for some, individuals is to dive deeper into their legitimate rights and how to secure them, which is the reason we offer a free interview to talk about your circumstance and how we might have the option to help you. Our Fort Myers and Cape Coral individual injury lawyers gladly address standard individuals in Naples, Miami, Tampa, and different spaces of Southwest Florida. Call us now at 1-844-465-4357 or get in touch with us online to get started.